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Soothing Wellness And Yoga Retreats

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Power Past Negative Obstacles To A Life Full Of Meaning

Do you struggle to overcome negativity and self doubt? Maybe you’re unhappy with your relationships, have experienced a recent trauma or feel depressed about the lack of direction in your life. If you can relate to any of this, you are in the right place.

My name is Amelia and I run yoga and wellness retreats which empower women to take control of their lives. You’ll discover how to overcome obstacles and negative thoughts preventing you from living a life full of meaning. You’ll leave feeling happier, healthier and more confident than you’ve ever felt before.

Discover How To Stop Caring
What Other People Think

Studies show 67% of Australian women have suffered from anxiety. It’s no surprise, given the expectations. We’re supposed to have successful careers, maintain happy families and look beautiful 100% of the time - without ever expressing our feelings or emotions!

This is why our retreats focus on mental and emotional wellbeing. You’ll discover how to block out external negativity and stop the opinions of others affecting your happiness and self worth. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to love yourself and treat yourself right. Because if you’re not worth taking care of, no one is!

We’re Not Just Any Old
Yoga Retreat

This is a different kind of Yoga retreat. Our getaways have been developed with psychologists, nutritionists, dieticians and naturopaths to create a comprehensive and well-rounded program which helps you become a healthier and happier person.

We focus on creating a holistic lifestyle. You’ll learn how to eat right, undertake yoga workouts and meditation and form daily rituals which wash away your negativity and self-doubt. These take home techniques will see you return home a fitter, stronger and more powerful woman.


Eliminate Self Doubt And Become A Healthier, Happier Woman (Value $297)

We're A Yoga Retreat That Changes Lives

I was very anxious going into this experience, not knowing what to expect but hoping that I would walk away knowing myself better and having grown a whole lot! And I was not disappointed. I simply loved every second of this retreat and got much more out of it than I expected. A beautiful experience.

Mietta Tourell

I can’t put into words the full emotion of this weekend, total bliss. The balance of the weekend was perfect – great food, ambiance, yoga. My soul feels more open, I feel more accepting and calm. Thank for being such beautiful souls. I’m now ready to continue with practice, and ready to start my new train of thought of well being. Much love!

Pooja Makkar

Words can’t describe the shift in my mind, body and soul since going on a retreat with Amelia. I didn’t think this type of thing was for me but I quickly realized how much I needed it. Spending a week with a group of beautiful, intelligent and inspiring women was an absolute heart and mind opener. Will definitely be going again!

Ange Hoppe

I’ve been twice to two different locations. These retreats are incredible and force you to pause and put focus back on what is important in life and for yourself. So well organised and everyone is so lovely and welcoming! Yoga, nutrition, meditation, walks, countryside, beach, beautiful scenery and lots of meaningful conversations - everything you imagine a retreat to be.

Rachel Moriarty

You’ll Have An Experience Like No Other...

Here Is Just Some Of The Knowledge
You’ll Gain If You Accompany Me On A
Good Vibes Getaway...

  • 3 Simple Steps To Improve Your Health So You Live A Longer Life

    These 3 steps are so easy to follow anyone can do them - you’ll quickly see a difference in your daily life as you start to feel healthier and have more energy!

  • Why Self Loathing Is A Toxic Prison You’ve Created For Yourself

    Self-hate is something which starts small yet builds up over time until it completely cripples your self-esteem and seriously harms your mental health!

  • The Most Effective Strategy To Consistently Achieve Your Goals

    This straightforward strategy is one I follow all the time and you can use it to ensure you set yourself meaningful goals and reach them time and time again!

  • A Host Of Fun Wellness Activities You Can Do In Your Own Home

    Our retreats involve a range of fun activities, many of which are designed to be completed in your own home so you can continue to reap the rewards!

  • Eliminate Your Doubts And Stop Negative Thoughts In Their Tracks

    Discover simple yet incredibly effective techniques to deal with your negative thoughts without spending thousands on therapists or counseling sessions!


Eliminate Self Doubt And Become A Healthier, Happier Woman (Value $297)


How You Can Rewire Your Life To Unlock True
Liberation, Confidence And Happiness

For a strictly limited time you can get a FREE copy of our exclusive consumer guide: ‘7 POWERFUL PRACTICES TO OVERCOME YOUR FEARS, ANXIETIES AND NEGATIVE ENERGY IN UNDER 30 DAYS’. In this free report you’ll discover...

  • 3 easy to remember affirmations you can say everyday to reframe your mindset and set you up for a life of prosperity
  • How to push aside the negative thoughts and naysayers in your life to channel your focus and reach your true destiny
  • The 3 daily rituals mosAt successful women complete and how doing the same could help you follow in their footsteps
  • Think you’re truly being honest with yourself? Find out how to ask yourself the hard questions so you stop the self doubt, end the self hate and spread your wings in as little as 30 days

Who Am I And How Can I Help You Reach Your Goals?

A former professional dancer and personal trainer, I opened a health and wellness clinic to give women holistic health advice, practices and other services. After travelling and studying Yoga and meditation, I embarked upon a new chapter to form something which offered women a more complete and lasting change.

Good Vibe Getaways was created to use tools, rituals and yoga to empower women like you, giving you a greater knowledge of self-care and acceptance. The aim is for you to return home with a clearer vision of what you want in life and a clearer mindset to reach your goals.


Eliminate Self Doubt And Become A Healthier, Happier Woman (Value $297)

Retreats Designed To Reduce
Your Stress And Anxiety

Our stunning, un-spoilt locations have been hand-picked for their calming and relaxing nature. We visit each setting multiple times so we can understand and maximise all it has to offer. Then we design a retreat which combines education and yoga practice with local activities such as beach meditation, nature hikes, swimming and dancing in the moonlight.

Your very own personal travel agent will be assigned to manage all your flights, accommodation, food and transport so you never have to worry about the stressful side of taking a holiday! Instead you can focus on having fun and completely letting go of all your worries, anxieties and doubts!

You’ll Form A Circle Of
Supportive Like-Minded Friends

One of the best parts of my retreats is the amazing women who attend them. It is incredible to see women who have never met form such strong bonds of friendship based on similar outlooks on life and a shared desire to empower each other. It is true what they say - birds of a feather flock together!

The many group activities you’ll partake in will encourage the creation of meaningful connections which last long after you’ve left the retreat. You’ll have 15-20 free-spirited sisters to encourage and support you on your new path to happiness!

How Our Good Vibes Goddesses Changed
Their Lives


Eliminate Self Doubt And Become A Healthier, Happier Woman (Value $297)

Hear From Even More Of
Our 300’s+ Good Vibe Goddesses


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We Talk About Your
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We’ll talk about why you’re feeling stressed and full of self doubt, then come up with ways to eliminate negative feelings and set yourself up for success!


We Discuss Our Yoga &
Wellness Retreats To See
If You’re A Good Fit

I’ll take you through some of the incredible benefits you can expect during a Good Vibes Getaway and see if you’re ready to make positive life changes


You Decide Which Sunning
Location Is The Right One
For Your Retreat

We visit incredible locations in Australia, Greece, Thailand and Bali to help you disconnect from the pressures of daily life and heal from the inside out!


You Have A Life Changing
Getaway And Awaken Your
Inner Goddess

We visit incredible locations in Australia, Greece, Thailand and Bali to help you disconnect from the pressures of daily life and heal from the inside out!


You Take Home Everything
You’ve Learned And Start
A New Journey

We visit incredible locations in Australia, Greece, Thailand and Bali to help you disconnect from the pressures of daily life and heal from the inside out!


Eliminate Self Doubt And Become A Healthier, Happier Woman (Value $297)

Hear From Even More Of
Our 300’s+ Good Vibe Goddesses

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Eliminate Self Doubt And Become A Healthier, Happier Woman (Value $297)

I’ll Change Your Life Or Your
Holiday Is On Me - Guaranteed

I’m so confident our program will change your life and give you greater clarity, perspective and self-awareness, I guarantee it. Attend one of our retreats and witness the incredible feeling as you transform into the new and improved you.

If for some strange reason you don’t feel fulfilled and empowered to make positive change in your life, simply let me know and we’ll return your investment without fuss.

FREE 30-Minute Transform Your Life
One-On-One Session (Valued At $297)

Are you searching for “something” but you’re not quite sure what that “something” is? Are you after more in your life, wanting to break free from all the negativity and constant dream killers? If you’re ready to reshape your stars and unlock your hidden potential, book a free session with me and I’ll personally help you on the path to becoming a more confident, powerful and vibrant woman.

During your session you’ll also discover...

  • Looking to restore energy and focus on the important things in your life? Find out why negative thoughts and saying “I can’t” will add years of stress
  • How to overcome the fear, pain and negativity in your life WITHOUT having to spend thousands of dollars on counsellors and self help classes
  • The number 1 mistake you MUST AVOID when trying to remove the toxic elements from your life
  • Are you happy in your life? I’ll reveal how you can eliminate all the past and present pains from your life in as little as 3 easy-to-follow steps
  • After our session I’ll reveal if you’re the right fit for our Good Vibes 'Goddess Tribe' and how one of our retreats could help give your life direction

I give every single sister the attention they deserve, which is why I only have time to do 10 of these sessions each month. So sign up NOW and take the first step on your journey to becoming a stronger and more fulfilled woman.